Living abroad as a family and traveling the world with kids!

How to travel, study, live internationally & volunteer with children

Learn how to find a school abroad, home school on the go, rent your house while you’re gone, work online, volunteer, use airline points, attend bilingual schools, keep in touch with family, make new friends and more!

Here you can join our voyages and consider creating your own. The best education in the world is experience. It is not always as we plan it… But if you don’t plan something, nothing really happens.

Come follow our journey, thoughts, hopes, dreams, struggles, and life as a family in the real world…

Including our family’s voyage to adoption in China…

Welcome to our family’s nomadic virtual home!

  1. Wonderful photo and a wonderful endeavor. And if you don’t feel happy about the paper work, it at least make me feel good that they are so diligent in safeguarding the future of a child. Best wishes!

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    • We are quite happy about completing the paperwork and feel very glad to see how thorough the system (both Swedish and Kenyan) is to protect the child FIRST. Good to know because the child has already lost their family of origin and needs a secure future. We hope that future is with US! Thanks for your support! 🙂


  2. Ann-Kristin Josefsson

    Vad roligt att ni har startat en blogg. Det skall bli så kul och intressant att följa den.

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  3. Ivayla Drumeva

    Great! Now we can also be part of your adventure. I want to wish you the best of luck my dear friends!!!

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