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Kenya dreams…

Families are being created slowly but surely now. The NAC approved 4 different families in April (woohoo!) and now we are witnessing other families receive news of their new child (barnbesked). It is warming and uplifting.

Dare I say it –


And yet we also see that there was another terrorist attack in Nairobi last week. The warning levels from the US and UK embassies have increased and 5,000 UK tourists returned home. Not to mention all UK tours from 2 major companies were cancelled until October.

Not so hope inspiring.

As we attempt to grow our little family, we must also protect ourselves during the process. To put ourselves in a place where we can grow. To allow our worlds to expand without intentionally playing with fire. I say intentionally because as I have learned, you can NEVER fully protect your child from life. You are never really in control.

Try as you might – You. Are. Never. In. Control.

Tomorrow our papers go to the NAC. It is an honest wish that they would take ours off the top of the pile…ha ha! To get a fast approval and a real timeline of what’s in our future.

To see the child that we would be blessed to have.

However, it will be 2 weeks before news begins to slowly spread regarding the results of the May meeting. As far as I know, it is always a closed meeting. There is no public space where we can read the results. (Imagine – a website that simply put the notes, decisions and results online so that all could publicly read…wow!!!)

And yet, talk here has also started regarding a different path… Jonas wants to consider Zambia. A land that we have not heard about so much in the news… Is this because it is “safer” or because they are being ignored. I don’t know. I only know that we are so “close” and yet we know nothing. It’s something that takes another leap of faith…or is it simply running from the scary, unknown…? I’m not sure.

Those of you with advice, insight or general opinion…you are welcome to share with us. Comment or send us an email. Feels good to talk about it…

For today, I am praying for a fantastic meeting on behalf of the NAC tomorrow. I truly hope that the children of Kenya will quickly find their forever families. That the families will be blessed with their amazing new child / family. That a little love will grow in this very sad world we often encounter.

Personally, I feel like there is a child out there that IF they were to become our family – would be a perfect match. They have suffered a huge loss of their original family. And we have lost part of ours. So there is an understanding and love that is amazingly strong… I just hope that it will happen.



Kenya Update for Adoption May 2014

As all our paperwork has been sent to Kenya now, we sit in anticipation and planning. All prospective adoptive families are seeking information so I am sharing this “official” newsletter info that we received (and translated via Google). Perhaps to see that communication with NAC is going forward will be of some comfort to all. Keep the faith!

LAN sent an Easter greeting with information that NAC held a meeting on 18th March and that all applications reviewed at the meeting were approved. However, none were sent from Barnens Vänner. NAC also approves the annual authorization applications from both foreign and domestic adoption agencies, which were reviewed during the same meeting. April’s meeting was scheduled for today, Tuesday, April 29.

Barnens Vänner’s Representative Visit / Journey to Kenya
Lisbeth met with representatives from AC and BFA and had a great trip to Kenya. A general task at similar trips is to provide information about Sweden and adoptions; that our
families are well prepared, investigated and equipped to accommodate a child.

Visit to the Children’s Department in charge of families living at Diani Beach
• The employees take their task very seriously and want to be sure that it is a good solution for the child to be adopted abroad.
• If families live three months on the coast and then move to Nairobi it creates extra work for the authority; they then must speak about how the child has adapted and must do additional home visits to ensure that they provide an accurate assessment to the court.
• They find it disturbing if families contact them in order to speed up their work; they want to have 21 days in which to submit their observations. If a family calls often it can
cause the family to be perceived and judged as unsafe. That some families on the issue of why they have chosen Kenya answer “because it goes fast” is perceived as negative; families need to be able to justify it in another manner. For example it is important to convey that Kenyan adoption is an amazing way to convey the child’s culture of origin to the child (and the surroundings).
• They also point out that families should not compare themselves; each process is unique, both based on the adoptive family and the child to be.

Visit to the Court in Mombasa
• Both lawyers and judges met during the visit before the Court and all were positive set to work with international adoptions.

Visit to the Children’s Department in Nairobi where NAC meeting is held
• Josephine Kemunto Oguye of the Childrens Department and secretary of the NAC informed BV that they have many foreign adoption applications, which means that it can result in prolonged waiting times.
• They also discussed the new guidelines to limit the number of applications by introducing infertility certificates, prioritizing childless couples and that applicants should not adopt a third child to the family.

Visit to the Embassy
• It is important that families should closely follow the security when they are in Kenya by Embassy website and in the news.

Visit to the LAN (Little Angels Network)
• LAN has extended its collaboration with orphanages; about 35 of which about 15 are working with international adoptions
• LAN has a social worker employed in Nyeri, one in Mombasa, two employees in Kisumu and 12 in Nairobi.  In Kisumu and Nairobi, both social workers and other office workers . In Nairobi ‘s example, Maureen is in charge of hosting, ie the practical with accommodation / transportation.

The Kenyan Visitors  in Stockholm
Josephine Kemunto Oguye from the Children’s Department and the secretary of the NAC was in Stockholm a few weeks after BV’s  visit to Kenya. The journey from Kenya to Sweden was to be with the EurAdopt. During her speech at EurAdopt she mentioned that Kenya is revising their guidelines for adoption, that they aim to make it 70 % domestic and 30% foreign adoptions. But she also mentioned the respect for the applicant families’ longing for children, and the “extra miles” they go to adopt when they cannot have biological children. Josephine also mingled with Swedish adoptive families who adopted from Kenya, visited  MIA and the social services in Stockholm . She was very positive about all she had to experience and will share this new knowledge with her colleagues.

• Barnens Vänner has introduced infertility certificate requirements for future families who want to adopt from Kenya and that single applicants only are considered for children with special needs.

• Two new applications were sent to Kenya since last time. Both families have a child already.


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