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Jumping Off…

ChimpWe have decided to “jump ship.”

We’re gonna go AWOL. That is, we are going to jump off our standard “life” path for awhile.

Our house is rented as of August 10 and Gunnar flies on the 15th to Nairobi to start school.

Meanwhile, the girls are adults and creating their own ways in life…

Soooo we (JoEllen, Jonas and Astrid) are going to simply run away for awhile!

And now we have a luxury problem – WHERE?

We realize that we CAN actually try to physically run away from it all (ha ha! I wish…) which is how I have been feeling for the last year and a half.

But more importantly and realistically, we can run TOWARDS a new life chapter. To consciously choose a new unknown path in life. And that is what we have decided to do!

Germany, Czech Republic, France, Greece and then – who knows! Perhaps South or Central America…South Pacific…Southeast Asia…Tanzania…? We haven’t decided, but we will keep you posted.

If you have a wonderful suggestion – send it. We will do some adventurous travel and then find a homebase with preschool for Astrid. I am thinking it would be great to learn Spanish while doing some yoga, surfing and diving… That’s my dream life.

KENYAN ADOPTION UPDATE:  As of right now, we have been told it is best to wait until we are officially approved for adoption by the NAC before we come to Kenya. Gunnar has decided to go ahead with our previous plan to arrive in August. He will live on campus in a spare room while we seek approval. So we are following the rules and waiting (patiently – ha!) to have the adoption chapter of our family life begin. IF it does… (Cross your fingers / Håller tummarna!)

Life has no guarantees. We have laid the best of plans, but…

“The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.”

Murphy’s Law.


It’s a fact.

KENYAN ADOPTION STATUS:  The adoption process in Kenya is starting up again. There are still numerous families whose lives have been on hold for over a year now. Sad and scary, especially when we think of the children’s lives that are also in limbo during this time… However, there are also those adoption applicants whom I call the “lottery winners.” These families applied in January and March of this year and have already been approved and referred at lightning speed to their child. They will leave this month for their adoption adventure and family connection. Which is wonderful!

Takes your breath away!

And makes everyone in the adoption line green with envy…

As I continue to lurk with many others in the online adoption forums and addictively check my emails or others’ post updates for news, I realize that I am wasting time and energy. My life has already been on hold and “paused” for too long now. It is best for me, my family and my child(ren) that I invest this energy elsewhere.

Find passion again.

Create a spark in life.

Inspire myself and others (especially those most important to me).

Wow – A huge, vague goal! Something that I hate to hear from others and rarely allow myself to indulge in. So it’s best I fix this. Take some time defining this goal so it is real, tangible, measurable and achievable. I seem to excel with this type of process – at least historically.

Time to do it again.

So – we’re packing our bags and jumping off for awhile…

Well, about a year or two…

Stay tuned.


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