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3 days before Beijing…

In 3 days we will travel to China. In 3 days we will start an adventure like no other. In 3 days…

Life is a huge collage of events. This (hopefully – and we need hope in life!) is one of those amazing events.

A beautiful new chapter.

A new story of hope!

So for those following our long story, probably the most interesting bit of information we have received recently is that our son’s nickname is Mingming. It makes me smile. Warms my heart. Makes me think cuddly thoughts.

We are more or less packed. Our clothes from Costa Rica have simply been placed back in our suitcases while we wear our warmer Swedish “summer” clothes here. (So far we have had rain every day…woohoo.) I have a few new clothes and some toys for Mingming. A strong wrap to carry him in. Soft picture books. A new phone to take pictures. I’m not sure that I need more.

Tonight the entire family gathered with a woman experienced in adoption and advising families – to ask our questions, to gain some insight, to simply focus. We are a very unique family with 3 adult kids and a 5 year old little sister. So we will each need to discover our path but together during this time. Jonas’ and my greatest hope is that we as a family will find connection and support from each other as we start this very special journey. I know that the older kids have so many siblings and experiences as big sisters and brother. And I also realize we have shared a very long and rocky road these past years. However, here is a new opportunity to re-unite as a family. Sigrid, Ragna and Gunnar have so much experience working with children that gives them insight and skills…and they can use these abilities to create something very special as they come near to Mingming during this tough transition. So many thoughts and wishes here…

We are packing. We are preparing. We are dreaming.

Sending a gift to China…

Adoption giftTwo days after our approval for adoption, I learned to crochet. Ironically, I have watched my grandmother do this for at least 35 years of my life. And not once have I learned how to do this.

So now it is time!

And wouldn’t you know – that of all the crazy things in the world – I am actually very good at it. I learned the basics quickly and was learning a new pattern by my 3rd meeting.

Yep, a little blanket completed in less than 2 weeks. Amazing! Especially as I am not crafty. Not. At. All.

So we placed this little blanket with a soft rabbit toy, a wooden car and a photo album of us into a box and shipped it to Ming.

I truly hope that he receives it soon and that it brings some comfort and familiarity to him during this upcoming time of transition. It breaks my heart how much he will have to lose before he can gain his new family.

But we are a family that understands loss, grief, healing and love. It all takes time. That’s what we are planning – to simply be parents for the rest of our lives. To walk through this and much, much more.

It’s a very exciting and overwhelming time here. We are taking many small steps to prepare. Steps to towards hope and discovery. It’s been a very long road. And now the journey truly begins…



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