The Great Wall of China

A bright and sunny day spent on some seriously steep steps! Wow! Sometimes we were actually climbing the wall instead of walking.
Fortunately, we took the tram up and a toboggan down – luge-style! In between, we were traipsing up and down these walls of history. Beyond our point, you could see the unused portions of the wall where it is completely overgrown and probably falling to pieces.
Afterwards, we had our driver take us to the Chaoyang Theater to watch the most amazing acrobatic show ever! From contortionists to 8 motorcycles in a cage to balancing acts and more. It was truly amazing.
Tonight we packed. Tomorrow we leave at 5am to catch the bullet train across China. Finally, we head to Nanning. All day I have been a nervous wreck. Soon we will meet little Mingling…

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  1. Camilla, Peter & Lucas

    Lots of love to you all! ❤️


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