Life’s Handbook is a collection of my “whatever” thoughts as we journey the world as a nomadic family…

Recently, we traveled towards Kenya from Sweden via Costa Rica with adoption finally in China. Of course, we also included a couple stops in the United States, Germany, and Nicaragua. You can follow our stories here.

Travels to our future…whatever that may be. (Or whatever it is not…you simply never know.)


Take advantage of the here and now.

Tomorrow may not be available.

Life’s Handbook is written by me – JoEllen Nordström. It’s a collection of posts about our nomadic family adventures. And how I think you should do this too!

We work online and live as virtual nomads so that our family can enjoy rich life experiences. It is much easier than you think!

And completely possible with today’s technology.

Our home base is in Uppsala, Sweden. However, I am American – Kansan by birth and Floridian by choice!


Mamma JoEllen Nordström

JoEllen Nordström – Mamma
Hm…who am I now? Well, during life’s journey I have identified myself in many different ways – traveler, auctioneer, public speaker, renaissance woman, successful entrepreneur, and mother (stepmom of 3 wonderful Swedes – Gunnar, Ragna and Sigrid; birth mama to Astrid; adoptive mama to XiaoMing; and bereaved mother of Kasper). My identity also includes lost soul, tenacious survivor, determined reinventor, and more. I’ll keep you posted.




Pappa Jonas Nordström

Big Sister Astrid Nordström -2014

Costa Rica Photographer 1277

Little Brother Ming Nordström – 2015

Big Brother Gunnar Nordström – 2011

Big Sister Ragna Nordström – 2011

Big Sister Sigrid Nordström – 2011

Kasper Nordström – Angel Brother – November 2012

ALI_9480-19 An_maculipennis 3

World’s best dog – Princess Leya

  1. Lots of love to you on your journey. I can’t wait to meet the newest Nordström.

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