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Ups and downs while waiting…

Adoptees New Room Picture

We’re waiting for you…

We submitted our papers to Barnens Vänner (21 Feb) and they quickly sent it to Little Angels Network. It has officially been received in Kenya as of 28 February.  So now…we…WAIT.

There is no communication until there is a decision.


Today, I saw a horrible post on Facebook of a family who is adopting via DanAdopt who has been REJECTED. They have previously adopted from Ethiopia but have been rejected by the National Adoption Committee in Kenya. As of right now, they have no idea why. UGH!

Astrid has asked again and again, “But Mamma, what if they say no?” And I have responded, “If they say no, then I will just keep loving on you everyday. We will stay here with our friends and chosen family. We will be OK. If we get to adopt another kid, that is a bonus, but we are OK.”  So now…to let that sink in further and further…

Yes, I suppose we are ok without adopting. But I would really like a super, wonderful surprise. A bonus! A happier ending…

Life is not bad. Life is good. We have our family, our friends, our home and such. We have sooo much. We have also lost our son and our previous dreams of that family. Now, we are trying to simply cling to hope.  To happy surprises and days where we hear Astrid laughing with another.

Maybe we will get this. Maybe we won’t.

Of everything that has happened, I have learned that there are absolutely no guarantees. We simply do the best with what we have. What we have is amazing. My only hope is that we can share this with another child who also longs to be part of a family.

The journey continues…

Here’s a song that has come to mean so much to me over the past 3 years…    The Promise by Tracy Chapman


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